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How We Feel

We are asked daily ‘How are you?’ And you automatically answer: good, fine or busy. But what if those answers are not true? What if you feel shit and sit at home all day doing nothing?

There is still a taboo on talking about mental health problems. The biggest reason of the stigma is that people have a lack of knowledge about mood disorders, by understanding it you will reduce the fear and incomprehension. How We Feel is an organization that develops creative projects to break the stigma and spread information.


Changing how we deal with our emotions is unfortunately pretty hard. It takes a lot of work and strength to become aware of all the things we feel and open up about them. But the first step is to realize we should change, because it will make us stronger, better balanced and the world a lot clearer. The first How We Feel project is The How We Feel Lottery Show. The only place where you can win a feeling. You spin the wheel and the feeling where the arrow stops is yours.

When you win we have a conversation about this feeling: What does it do to you? How do you react when you feel this? When it is a more difficult emotion I'll also give information about what you could do when you have this feeling or what you could do if you know someone else who you suspect feels that way. It is starting a conversation about feelings and giving information wrapped up in glitter. Because: who doesn't want to win something?


Many moods or feelings overcome us just like that; it can happen to any of us on any day!

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