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Proud on Print

The print and text will be displayed on the exhibition frame during the duration of the event. They write down their address, so I can send them the print later.

The human brain is inclined to mostly notice the things that go wrong, this is called the negativity bias. Things with a negative association have greater effect on our psychological state than positive things. There is terrorism, hunger, your train is delayed, the car broke down and the political environment is a mess. These are the things we talk about and read in the news. We should create a better balance between the bad and the good things we focus on.


Because most things that could go wrong actually turn out alright.

Focusing more on the good things is not the same as thinking that everything is great and we don’t have to worry at all. It is about “becoming aware of ways in which individuals and communities are progressing

to overcome problems and flourish, [which] provides a sense of hope and potential” (Jodie Jackson, Publishing the Positive, 2016)

If we create a better balance in our focus we would get a better perspective, become optimistic and be more motivated to take good initiatives.


Being proud is a strange emotion. We all feel it but we hardly ever realize it, let alone talk about it. It is often associated with arrogance and bragging. But proudness is a very delicate feeling we all feel, we often just don’t know what to do with it.


With Proud on Print I want to change the focus to the things we can be proud of. It can be very simple; something you did or made, a characteristic you have or someone close to you. It is not the goal that everyone starts shouting out all the things they are proud of, but it would be good to tell ourselves a bit more often: Wow, I did that very well.


To stimulate this thinking I made a mobile cart that can be placed at any dinner party, event or street corner and I simply ask people the question:

What are you proud of?

While they tell their story we make a print that represents their feeling of proudness. Using the mono print technique we can make a unique print in a short time. The proud person with gets a blank paper and together we make a print out of three layers. When they are satisfied with the result I write a short text about the story of proudness they have told me.

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